Tuesday, December 18, 2012

post jayrew life

 Being in Jerusalem for four months really messes with normality in my life…

1.  I wake up at 3:15 am and become extremely exhausted at 5 in the afternoon.
2.  I am uncomfortable to all physical touch.
3.  Any person I see, I try and figure out which of my jay rew friends it is. It’s never any of them.
4.  I carry my camera around like it’s my phone.
5.  I still use a backpack as a purse with everything I’d possibly need it in for a field trip.
6.  Definitely asked the movie theatre ticket office if I could use shekels instead of dollars. Not even kidding.
7.  I ate cinnamon toast crunch for breakfast…by myself.
8.  I drive this thing...I think it's called a car.

Saturday, December 15, 2012


Well, I just returned from living in the Holy Land for 4 months…and they have been the best 4 months of my life. I’ve seen ancient churches, temples, synagogues, and mosques, but it’s not the sites that meant the most to me, but what each of them represented.
Everyone came to Jerusalem to be healed in one manner or another. In little ways throughout the semester, I’ve come to understand why I needed to be here.
I can’t sum up all the field trips, journeys, sites, and memories I’ve had there, but I can sum up the lessons I’ve learned by this experience.

1. Give everyone a chance.
I’ll admit, I had some judgments going into this program. I figured I would click with some people and some not so much. But after every conversation, I became more and more impressed. Each person was so unique with different talents and traits and ideas that I admired. Each person was significantly essential to the program, that without them, the whole dynamic would change. Valuable lessons can be learned from even the most unexpected people at the most unexpected times.  

2. I have a lot to learn.
I came into this program confident in my doctrinal and gospel knowledge expecting that I had a general basis of the Bible and things relating to church history. Boy was I wrong. After my first Old Testament quiz in Brother Schade’s class, I realized that there is much I didn’t know. This realization has only made me more eager to study and learn more than what I now know.

3. Be confident.
Whether it’s talking to strangers, exploring new places, or getting lost in a foreign country, being confident is key. Don’t be afraid to try new things. Do something until someone tells you to stop. If you don’t know something, ASK. People are generally very helpful and willing to do anything for you.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

this about sums it up

Yes I have walked where Jesus walked. I have bathed my feet on the shore of Galilee; I have tasted the waters of Jacob's Well, where Jesus talked with the woman of Samaria; I have prayed in Gethsemane; and I have worshipped silently at the garden tomb. Each place stirred my soul and made me feel his holy presence. But I have not seen him in this life nor have I spoke with him face-to-face. I know however, that He lives and that He loves me. Through the power of the Holy Spirit I can testify that I know him as if I had seen Him with my own eyes and heard His voice with my own ears.
-Carlos E. Asay 

green door

While in the city the other day, we came across the pizza place called 'the green door'. It's on a side street inside Damascus. We've heard only good things about it and decided to give it a try. 
We walk inside, it smells super bad, there are a couple tables and chairs, a tv, and a whole in the ground with an oven next to it. Not much there. This older man, the owner of the shop, makes all the pizzas. They cost 10 sheks each and are made with this really delicious dough, a spoonful of tomato paste, and broken up chunks of cheese. That's it. Then he puts it in the oven for a few minutes to 'warm it up'. Then you eat it. Not necessarily gourmet but not the worst thing I've ever eaten. So it definitely was an experience, and probably not somewhere I'd go again.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Right now Emily and I are trying to study for our Ancient Near Eastern Studies. key word=trying.
This class has been the death of me. I've never been more excited for a class to be over with. In just two days, I will be free! No more finals, no more reading, no more school! Just enjoying life in the city for the last time. Man I love this place.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Well, there's only 8 more days in my most favorite place in the entire world. We're beginning to have 'lasts'....Last announcement meeting, last linen exchange, last ANE class {though that's one thing i'm actually excited for}...they don't sound like much but it's a big deal to me. 
I'm trying to soak up everything and squeeze in everything I haven't been able to do. 
Every day is a struggle between being excited to go home and never wanting to leave.
This place is amazing! 

 Masada {obviously you can tell by the sign}
 we look great here in Jerusalem
 Floating in the dead sea! {that's Emily, not me}
Qumran-where the dead sea scrolls were found.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Galilee was way more beautiful than I ever imagined. No wonder Christ spent so much time there.